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Describing Rezvan International Group of Manufactures


The secret of the brick’s ability lies in creating the most amazing buildings in the history of its proportions. The beauty of the brick and the pattern obtained from the bricklaying has caused it to be used inside and outside the building and give a special identity to the building. Brick can serve any purpose and despite the passage of centuries is still modern.

A building made of brick is a part of nature and not only does it not disrupt its harmony, but it also gives it an original color and form. However, it has never been old and goes with time. However, a brick building like a Hand-woven carpet, is a novel combination of the endless tastes of artist architects. The international group of Rezvan Tehran brick products factories, despite having the standard mark number 6645821938 ISO 9001:2008 and the European certificate, always tries to produce the best product for everyone by putting attention to the quality and quantity of the product on its curriculum.

At present, in addition to covering the domestic market, the products of this factory are exported to countries such as Iraq, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Russia and Tajikistan and etc due to having the necessary standards